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The Green Room Coffee Bar & Internet Cafe

The Green Room Coffee Bar is located within the New Palace Theatre Organ Heritage Centre, although it also has direct access from the street.

The Green Room Coffee Bar & Internet Cafe has had a varied and interesting history.  The oldest parts of the New Palace Theatre Organ Heritage Centre are in fact the rear wall of the Green Room and the dividing wall between the Green Room and the Auditorium's foyer.  These four foot thick walls predate 1735 - before the days of Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion!

Originally a single storey building, it was first extended with the addition of a second cottage.  Both it and the original were single storey in height with thatched roofs.  At this time, the building was used as a wooden spoon maker's, then a saddler and leather worker occupied them.  The cottage that now forms the Green Room was extended to two storeys in height around 1800, when the newly created room upstairs was used as a school room for the Side School related to the Free Church of Scotland which used to stand opposite the property in the West High Street.

Over the next one hundred years approximately, it was used for a variety of purposes, although around 1850 the adjacent house in the West High Street was added and a corner cut off the oldest cottage to allow this.  The house was occupied by the retired Minister of the village's Free Church of Scotland.  Around 1890, the whole building became the largest of the three village bakeries and the Green Room itself was the baker's workshop.  The dining room of the adjacent house was adapted to become the retail shop and the partly covered patio to the rear, which was opened as a partly covered outdoor seating area in 2013, is built on the foundations of the enormous coal-fired Oven.  In 1964, Redpath's Bakery closed and the building became firstly a builder's yard, then an Agricultural Machine Workshop, complete with large underground petrol tank.

Over the next 20 or so years it served as part of a furniture showroom, a craft workshop, and finally an artist's studio, prior to becoming part of the home of STOPS in 1992.

The Green Room Coffee Bar & Internet Cafe is now a light, modern area, with hints of both Classical and Art Deco designs in its decor, and all catering for our Group Visits is prepared here. It is also used for Pre-show, Interval, and Aftershow refreshments.

With both indoor and partly covered outdoor seating for up to 60 persons, the large garden to the rear of the Centre is slowly being lovingly re-created by a small group of volunteers, with the intention of forming a charming and fully accessible feature of the Centre, where both public and private events may be held both in daytime and night-time.

For Group Visits, we are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements and with prior notice can accommodate Celiacs, Vegans, Vegetarians and Diabetics.

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