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Hiring the New Palace for a Private Event

The Centre is available to hire for any type of Public or Private Event.  For public events, we carry an Entertainments License which allows us to operate at any time from 9am to midnight, 7 days per week.

Licensed Bar

By special arrangement it is possible for a licensed bar to be provided for your function or event.  The bar would be set up in the Green Room using the Servery Counter there.   Otherwise, there is no problem with giving drinks to your guests or allowing your guests or audience to 'bring their own bottle' with them.

Birthday Parties

Whether you want a themed 'fancy dress' party or just a celebration, we can host your special day.

Fancy Dress Party
We can provide catering to your requirements, or you may use a caterer of your choice.

We can also show a film of your choice in the Auditorium and/or Green Room to entertain your guests or their children.

The Green Room also has a Wii Game console with a selection of games which may also be used to entertain your younger guests.

Funeral Teas and Wakes

We cater respectfully for Funeral Teas held in the building, providing a buffet of your choice, or can provide catering for a Funeral Tea in the Fairbairn Hall opposite the Centre.

Lectures and Seminars

The auditorium is equipped with a high quality video projector and audio system which are available for Lecture or Seminar use.  The Green Room can be made available as a 'breakout space' for up to 20 people in 'theatre seating' mode, when the audio system and 42" TV on the stage may also be used for smaller presentations.  Alternatively, if you only require a small and intimate space, the Green Room is an ideal venue for confidential meetings.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Exhibitions and Sales

We are happy to host Exhibitions or Sales in the Auditorium with the Green Room providing refreshments for your Audience or Staff.


We can cater for Celiac, Vegan, Vegetarian and Diabetic diets and will be happy to discuss Menus and any special dietary requirements you may have.  Our aim is always to provide you with what you want with a minimum of fuss.

Rehearsal Space

Both the Green Room and Auditorium are available separately or together for use as Rehearsal spaces, either for music, dance or drama, with several local bands having already made use of the facilities.


Live Music or Drama

Live performances are when the Centre really comes alive.  We can seat 52 on the ground floor in theatre style with a further 23 in the Balcony, making a total seated capacity of 75.  We can also provide seating in cabaret format with tables and chairs on the ground floor, when the capacity there is reduced to 32, plus the seats in Balcony.  Although we have never done a 'standing only' event, we believe that including the balcony, we could accommodate up to 100 for this type of event.

For details of the Centre's Technical Facilities, please see below.


We have both DVD and a Windows PC as well as S-VHS sources which may be routed to the Video Projector with 2 channel audio.   We hope to upgrade to BluRay HD in the near future, when 8:2 Multi-channel Surround Sound will be added as well.

When viewing a film, we strongly recommend removing the front two rows on the ground floor to give maximum enjoyment of the experience.  Please refer to the Seating Plan shown below.


Stage Lighting

The Stage Lighting comprises a 2 preset, 18 channel desk controlling 18 x 10Amp dimmers, patchable to 70 circuits which are distributed as follows :-
  1. 6 circuits on the centre front Balcony, 1 of which is paired to the Stage Left side end of the Balcony,
  2. 2 circuits on Stage Left side end of the Balcony, 1 of which is paired to the Centre front balcony,
  3. 2 circuits on Stage Right side end of the Balcony.
  4. 6 circuits in FOH ceiling Stage Left,
  5. 6 circuits in FOH ceiling Stage Right,
  6. 12 circuits on No.1 Lighting Bar upstage of House Tabs,
  7. 12 circuits on No.2 Lighting Bar at rear of stage,
  8. 12 circuits on Stage Left Facility Box
  9. 12 circuiits on Stage Right Facility Box

A small quantity of 300W, 500W and 1kW profile spotlights are available for use, one of which may be fitted with a (continuously running) colour wheel.  A small quantity of 300W and 500W Fresnel type lanterns are available.  6 x 1kW ParCans are normally suspended in the FOH Ceiling slots, 3 each side.  3 circuit Battens are suspended on each of the lighting bars over stage and a further 3 circuit batten is available to use as a groundrow.

House Lighting

The House Lighting is dimmer controlled and includes a pair of 300W Fresnel lanterns designated as 'Tab Warmers', which are mounted on the ends of the side balconies.  The control is located in the backstage corner.

Non Dims

No Non Dims are controlled from the lighting desk, but radio controlled socket outlets provide up to 12 Independent switched circuits.


A 16 channel Soundcraft mixer is available for use.  This is normally situated in the backstage corner and microphone cables run onto the stage as required.

2 x single channel D.I. boxes and 2 x dual channel Line Audio Isolating boxes are available.

A general purpose vocal microphone and a pair of Beyer M201TG microphones are available for use along with two microphone stands.

A Karaoke player giving audio and video outputs, complete with 2 dedicated microphones is available for use.

We hold a variety of adapters and cables available for use as required.

Audio is routed to a pair of amplifiers, with crossover and EQ, to separate sub-bass and full range loudspeakers.


There are 3 fixed position video cameras from which a feed may be taken for either Video Relay or recording purposes.  Recording may be done direct to DVD or Windows PC.  Rack mounted in the backstage corner there is a DVD recorder/player, VHS recorder/player and Windows PC with DVD player, any of which may be routed to the BenQ Video Projector.   The Projector is mounted to the centre front of the balcony and projects onto an electrically lowered screen which is mounted in front of the Proscenium.  The screen is 2000mm wide and is 4:3 format.

For live webcasts or Skype use, a Panasonic remotely controllable Network Camera is mounted to the centre of the Balcony.


Up to 4 UHF handheld Personal Radios operating on License Free frequencies are available for use to allow staff to communicate during an event.

Front of House Paging, separately zoned to the Foyer and Cafe/Garden area is available from both the Backstage Corner and Green Room Servery counter for announcements to the Audience via a 100v Line Distribution system.  Background Music may be played provided the Hirer obtains a suitable PRS License for the Event.  The music may be played in either/and/or the Foyer, Cafe and Garden.

Music sources available include both a DVD and CD player, a Windows PC with USB Input, and a SqueezeBox which can stream Internet sourced audio material.


Upstage of Main House Tab

Proscenium Opening - 3050mm wide x 3000mm high